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Programs that create instant self-awareness, useful insights and meaningful transformation.

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Group coaching allows for deeper exploration and transformation not only of one's type but also of other types. This is key when wanting to develop effective communication and build enriching relationships.

Every individual completes the ieq9 questionnaire and receives a comprehensive report.

What is included in the Group Coaching: 

Enneagram 22 page report provided by external provider, Integrative9 (

Individual Session: 1 x 90-minute Enneagram Report D-Brief

Group Sessions: 9 x 90-minute Group Sessions via zoom (or face-to-face if possible) in three parts over 3 months.

  • Part 1 - Self-Awareness

  • Part 2 – Self-Observation

  • Part 3 - Transformation

Investment: 4-months at AUD$400,- incl report / pp / month 

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Specialised in guiding you to: 
  1. Become aware of your narrative,
  2. Learn to observe yourself in action because if you see it you don't need to be it and you can choose to change,
  3. Create meaningful and intentional change

Complete the ieq9 questionnaire and receive a comprehensive report that outlines the following:

  • Emotional and psychological factors 

  • ​Relationships and social dynamics

  • Self-limiting beliefs and blind spots​

  • Leadership maturity, impact and effectiveness

  • Resistance to change

  • Resilience, stress and symptoms of stress

  • Career development and transitions

  • Communication and influencing skills

  • And much more....

What is included in your Enneagram Coaching Package: 

Enneagram 22 page report provided by external provider, Integrative9 (

Sessions: 3 x 90-minute Enneagram Report D-Brief

  • In our fist session, we will discuss what resonates and what aspects don't resonate in relation to your life and work. 

  • In session 2, we will pay attention as to how the dynamics of the your Type are playing out in your life and how to free yourself from its constraints.

  • In session 3, we will develop an action plan for you to continue to grow beyond our out-dated coping strategies. 


  • Single Session and report: AUD$350,- incl report

  • Three session package: AUD$950,- incl report

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Build trust, fulfilling team collaboration, engagement, organisational purpose alignment and ultimately higher performance. 

What is included in the Team Development Process: 

Half-day introductory workshop 

Face-to-face or Online

Individual Report D-Brief (Professional – 42 pages)

1 x 90 minute session online or face-to-face


​Full day Workshop: 

Face-to-face or Online

Contact us by phone or email to discuss what your organisational and team needs are so we may create a customised proposal.


We look forward to having that conversation with you and strategising towards an empowering change.

See Case Study with Corelogic

Get in touch for a discovery call

The purpose of this call is to explain the Enneagram further and to see if this is what you are looking for. It is an opportunity to get to know each other and see if I can be your partner in this journey. 


I look forward to having that conversation with you and I congratulate you for taking the time to see how you can grow and be the best version of yourself for everyone around you. 

By the way did you know that new research finds coaching to be on par with therapy? See the article here on Psychology Today

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