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Awareness - Focus - Action

Growing up I wanted to be a research psychologist because I was fascinated by people's behaviour. However, as I was also attracted to the business world I went to earn two business degrees instead. Not surprisingly, one of them was focused on European cultural diversity and the transition into the European Union: a major change in all aspects of life. This started my obsession with change.

Today, I dedicate myself to continuous learning to help individuals and teams manage change with ease. Focusing on LIFE, MONEY and TEAMS, by the end of my customised programs, you will be equipped with the tools and strategies to support your journey of growth and fulfillment. By dedicating myself to providing this support, I get to do what I love most, namely have deep and meaningful conversations that support my clients in becoming more resilient, resourceful and fulfilled.

To help individuals and teams who want support in their journey of discovery, interpersonal awareness and growth, I specialise in using the Enneagram, Erickson Coaching and the ontological model.

I'm also a mother of two and run multiple businesses with my husband. I am passionate about investing and I am an advocate for learning how to manage money as a way to become resilient. I believe one's approach to money mirrors one's approach to life, and that managing finances wisely is crucial to a fulfilling life. Have a go and just take a look at the way you and your friends manage money. How does life look?


Currently all my learning and work is dedicated to helping people navigate money changes, career changes, relationship changes, you name it, with ease.

I have over 1,000 hours of coaching experience and over 30 years of professional background. I am your partner in change.

See my Bio.

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"Don't wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don't wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don't wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom". 

Jim Rohn

I continuously study and research how change may be effortlessly embraced and I work with very effective tools and principles that produce amazing results, such as the Enneagram, the Ontological philosophy as well as specific Erickson results orientated practices and conflict resolution strategies..

It is my mission to provide you with these tools so you and your loved ones may be prepared to handle whatever comes your way. From experience, when we discover what is important to us and develop our natural leadership style, we have the ability not only to face challenging situations but also navigate life with ease, strength and joy. 


Coaching Education:


  • Bachelor Degree in European Business Management and Business Administration

  • Post-graduate Certificate in Applied Psychology 

  • Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training


  • "Courage to Change" with Robert Dilts, Jeffrey Zeig and Giorgio Nardone 

  • Mastery University and Business University Certificate - Tony Robbins

  • 200 hrs Hatha Yoga Teacher Training


Business Owner:


  • 10 years experience in FMCG and New Media as Marketing Director and Marketing Consultant for Unilever, Philip Morris, Microsoft and News Limited.

  • 4 years Soft Skills Trainer at Pollack International Sydney and People Empowerment in Singapore

  • 7 years Cyberbullying Trainer at Don Mazzi Exodus Institute

  • 3 years Lecturer at the Australian Business School in Sydney


  • Real-estate lover: bought, renovated and sold multiple international properties 

  • Amateur options trader. 

Romana Pivkova.jpeg

Romana Pickova

UX Researcher at Google Maps 

"Vanessa took me on a journey to look at myself from a different angle and helped me grow professionally and personally. She's absolutely excellent in navigating one's growth and I wouldn't be where I am and who I am today, without her coaching."

Chiara Meta.jpeg

Chiara Meta

Asset Engineer for Water Plants

Serious and focused business woman, Vanessa is a dynamic and resourceful professional who understands in depth the needs of her clients and inspire them with the most positive and enthusiastic approach.
Highly recommended - guaranteed results.

Tiffany Harter .jpeg

Tiffany Harter

Investment Officer at CaIPERS

“Vanessa is amazing! I recently took an Enneagram assessment and working with Vanessa really brought the report to life for me. Her coaching gave me new ways to understand the results so that I can bring those insights to bear in my day-to-day, and at my growth edge.”

Andrea Millar.jpeg

Andrea Millar
Life Planner, Coach, Advocate for CPA Financial Planners

"Vanessa's passion for learning her craft and for helping others made me feel that I was in the perfect hands for exploring my enneagram profile. This is one of the most effective tools I have used for being able to see myself more clearly and observe where I have blind spots. With Vanessa's calming presence and empathetic approach, I learned so much about myself and others. This awareness has led to being more accepting and understanding which has strengthened my relationships. I have also learned new ways to effectively manage challenging situations. Vanessa's abilities extend far beyond her training with the enneagram as she is an avid learner and has completed many coaching programs, including The Academy for Coaching Excellence. If you are looking for support to take your life to the next level, I highly recommend Vanessa!."

Grażyna Matys.jpeg

Grazyna Matys
Human Capital Management / HR Consultant at Mercer

“Vanessa impressed me with her authenticity and listening skills. From the very beginning when we connected, it felt as if we have known each other for some time :-). Her approach was essential in building a trustful relationship, which in Coaching is of key importance as it gets you directly to the core of your issue/dilemma. In addition to Vanessa's charming personality and Coaching skills, I was able to work and reflect on my personal profile, which is based on Integrative Enneagram Solutions, for which Vanessa is a certified practitioner. In contrast to other personality profiles, Integrative Enneagram Solutions gave me the opportunity to see my personality trails through core motivations, blindspots, paradox and polarity, stuck strategies, and growth strategies, which are nicely reflected in the level of integration. Coaching with Vanessa deepened my self-awareness and uncovered new aspects for further growth.”

Fernando Formichetti

Fernando Formichetti

"Ho avuto l’occasione di fare una sessione di coaching individuale con Vanessa sulla crescita personale, nel campo dell’intelligenza finanziaria.
Ho trovato sin da subito in Vanessa una figura professionale con elevate competenze tecniche ed esperienza nel campo della formazione; il suo metodo ha permesso di focalizzarmi sugli aspetti da migliorare nella gestione delle mie finanze, permettendomi di individuare i limiti che mi impedivano di progredire nel percorso di crescita.
Sono uscito, al termine dell’incontro di formazione, con le idee incredibilmente chiare sulle azioni da porre in essere per raggiungere gli obiettivi di lungo termine, grazie ad una programmazione chiara e concreta.
Vanessa mi ha, inoltre, trasmesso una grande carica emozionale.
Raccomando vivamente Vanessa Sommaro a chi ha realmente intenzione di crescere nel campo personale e finanziario!!!"

Fabrizia Guerrisi

Fabrizia Guerrisi

Artist, Broome Australia

"Negli anni, gli esseri umani che hanno davvero contribuito alla mia crescita, sono stati fondamentalmente di 2 tipi: quelli che mi hanno saputo ascoltare e quelli che mi hanno offerto un modello esemplare da cui attingere stimolo. Quando poi tali qualità si sintetizzano in un'unica persona, il beneficio che ne ricevo è incommensurabile. Non ti ringrazierò mai abbastanza, Vanessa, per aver offerto il tuo orecchio senza pregiudizi e criticismi; per aver rappresentato un esempio di impegno, coraggio e consapevolezza in tutti gli aspetti del vivere; e soprattutto per aver sciolto paure ancestrali e preconcetti limitanti al mio potenziale.
​In meno di 2 anni sono riuscita a cambiare città, ad acquistare la mia seconda casa, a diventare self-employed e a progettare una seconda attività professionale. Mi è rimasto solo una paura: quella di aver l'arroganza di prendere e partire per la Luna..."

Some Interesting Facts / Quotes I live By

  • I am Italian but I wasn't born there and I have never lived more than 6 years in one country except for Australia.


  • My greatest lesson in life came from my eight year old daughter who said "Mummy, parents didn't create us so that we may fight with them". She's now 16 and maybe I should remind her of this. 


  • As a university student I camped on the streets outside of Wimbledon for two nights queuing up for tickets. Yes I'm a tennis fanatic.

  • I have sold more french fries than a small town can ever eat in a life time. From the age of 14 to 18, during summer holidays I used to work in a burger and french fries caravan. I smelled...

Get in touch for a discovery call

The purpose of this call is to see how I can help and if I can't I will give you some resources to move forward and if needed recommend another professional. 


I look forward to having that conversation with you. I congratulate you for taking the time to see how you can grow and be the best version of yourself for everyone around you. 

It takes a lot of courage to open up and ask for support.  

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