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Money will always match your mindset.
- Joe Vitale

Tools and Strategies for 

Money is interesting. It can propel you to play at different levels... of lifestyle, of confidence, of relationships, of materialism..... It is literally a form of energy that is used to create experiences. 

So what is your MONEY STORY? 

To find out what your money story is, all you need to do is look at what your life looks like today. You probably haven't paid too much attention to your internal money dialogue, however it is here that lies the answer of how to improve your situation. The money story of your youth has likely guided your entire life. Fortunately, you are not bound by the narrative of your past. 

I offer PROGRAMS that will give you the insights as to what is holding you back from actively and purposefully using the energy of money to further your dreams, may they be personal or business. Seeing what your Money Story has been, will give you the freedom to chose another narrative.  My programs also include supporting you to create a new financial plan that is in line with what you truly want out of life and for all those closest to you. 



MONEY MASTERY Programme - Transforming your Financial Future


Your QUALITY OF LIFE improves dramatically if you focus on HOW you spend your money (value-based spending) rather than HOW MUCH you spend.


You will craft a Personalised Money System tailored to your personality, beliefs and desires.

You will uncover and address your particular blindspots so you may have a clear, purpose-driven relationship with money.

This course empowers you with the essential skills and confidence to fuel purposeful action.


Results you will achieve:

Clarity and Vision: You'll gain crystal-clear insight into your current relationship with money: what is fuelling your financial worries, what is the true value of money for you, how do your limiting beliefs and blindspots hold you back or even cause you problems. After a series of activities and coaching, you will become crystal clear on what’s truly important to you and how you can strategically use money as a tool to realise your aspirations.

Purposeful and Authentically Aligned Actions: You'll engage in activities that resonate with your personality, beliefs and desires and ultimately align your financial decisions and actions with what truly matters to you. This alignment is the key to fulfilling and sustainable financial practices and inspired action.

Empowering Tools and Resources: You'll acquire essential tools and resources, meticulously curated to help you sustain your desired lifestyle. These instruments will be your companions in financial planning and management, ensuring you stay on track with your goals.

What is included:

Sessions - 3 months programme:

Mix of online learning modules and face-to-face workshops on Zoom

  • 8 x 2 hour Online Group sessions (3-6pp) 

  • 1.5 hour Individual Enneagram D-Brief 

A variety of handouts, practices, guides and tools you will always be able to use and share

Current Group is FULL



Money Coaching

Become crystal clear about how you manage the energy of money and refocus towards using it to further your goals and dreams.

Results you will achieve:

  • Your own personal money autobiography.

  • A clear plan of your money intentions.

  • Support in changing your habits.

  • Increased confidence.

What is included:

Sessions: 6 x 60-minute 

Tools: Personal Budget , Action Plan and Personal Values and Intentions.


Money Coaching

Become crystal clear about how much money you want your business to make and how you can start working on your business rather than in your business.

Results you will achieve:

  • Business financial literacy.

  • A 2-5 year business plan.

  • Support in changing your habits.

  • Increased confidence.

What is included:

Sessions: 12 x 60-minute 

Tools: Understanding of business financial instruments, Budget, Action Plan and Personal Values and Business Intentions.

Get in touch for a strategy call

The purpose of this call is to discuss how I can help you see ways to use the energy of money to achieve your personal and/or business goals. 


I look forward to having that conversation with you and strategising towards an empowering change.


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