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Change begins with ourselves.

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Enneagram - Our Tool

Why does change sometimes seem so hard? 

When we don't know what truly motivates us, how do we know what to change? 


At ChangeCoaching we use the Enneagram as our tool to facilitate change. It is a framework that offers a rich MAP for developing self-awareness. When the tool we use uncovers in detail not only our patterns of behaviour but also what truly motivates our thinking, feeling and acting, it can accelerate our change process. 

The key is to be able to see "who and how we are in the world", interrupt the patterns that aren't useful anymore and move from living life and work in default-mode to living intentionally.  

How does it work?

So where do you start? At ChangeCoaching we make it simple with an online 30 minute questionnaire developed by Integrative9. A comprehensive report will then be delivered to you by email and a follow-up d-Brief of 90 minutes will be given by myself as an accredited Integrative practitioner. 

We THEN embark on a personal development process that follows the W3 model (What? So What? Now what?). 

For Leaders and Coaches

As a professional, we are always told we cannot go beyond the point we have been... 

So what would become possible for you as a leader and coach if...

  • you understood what motivates you and others deeply?

  • you were to move past those defences that are influencing your relationship with your client and team member?

  • you had the tools to quickly see those patterns that hold you and your client/patient back?

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for Individuals 

  • Creates self-awareness at the deepest levels, of beliefs, concerns and motivation.

  • Increases consciousness and self-confidence, unlocking personal power.

  • Connects and integrates your head (thinking), heart (feelings) and gut (action, instincts).

  • Identifies and shifts patterns of thought and behaviour that keep you stuck in life.

  • Understands functional and dysfunctional behaviours and where they come from.

  • Increases compassion and understanding for yourself and for others.

  • Discovers your strengths and unlocks your unique, authentic power.

  • Uncovers fresh pathways to growth, development and happiness.

  • Checks in on stress and strain levels and increases your resilience.

  • Increases productivity, effectiveness and motivation.

  • Improves your career effectiveness and ability to work well with others.

  • Builds leadership authenticity, presence and impact.

for Teams 

  • A single 30-minute questionnaire provides the data required for multiple interventions, reducing survey fatigue, helping staff see the value in diverse team development activities, and creating a shared language across the business.

  • The Enneagram is more than a personality test. It offers a framework to understand group dynamics and drivers, as well as a process that can be applied to guide change management.

  • Maximises the return on investment (ROI) as it provides practical and implementable activities that create real results. 

  • Accelerates and supports deep transformations in culture, learning and development by creating self-awareness and insights into individual motivators and drivers.

  • It provides insight into what intrinsically motivates different people, what engages them and the risks of disengagement and/or burnout.

  • Empowers your managers, leaders and coaches with tips and suggestions of effective development activities and strategies for each individual or group. 

for Professionals 

  • The Enneagram is the most powerful and most accurate tool available for personal and client transformational self-awareness.

  • It provides rich and deep insights in the often unconscious motivations of yourself and your client.

  • It quickly brings to light, for both client and coach/therapist, the underlying fears and blindspots, enabling rapid clearing of core emotional issues.

  • It provides an understanding of the unique gifts your client can focus on and inviting the strengths and virtues of the individual in the process.

  • It lays out clear and powerful pathways for integration and growth.

  • The Enneagram insights continue to resonate long after the initial awareness, bringing the notion "if you see it you don't have to be it" alive. 

  • Beyond individual coaching, the Enneagram is applicable to teams as it adds value to engagement, change management, organisational culture, team development and cohesion.

  • It takes you the practitioner to another level of self-awareness and personal growth. 

Credible and Global

The iEQ9 Enneagram test is used by over 450 accredited coaches, psychologists and other users around the world. It outlines core personality traits and type with 95% accuracy and more than 250 000 profiles have been generated 
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